New Jersey Cyber Threat Information eXchange (NJCTIX)

The State of New Jersey, via the New Jersey Cybersecurity and Communication Integration Cell (NJCCIC), engages in Automated Indicator Sharing (AIS)  as a public service for our citizens, governments, and businesses. Utilizing Soltra Edge, an open-source intelligence automation platform, the NJCCIC shares vetted cyber threat information in real-time with its members. Users can consume the NJCTIX feed via a peer connection or access it from a web interface.

The NJCTIX feeds include Malware IPs, Suspicious/Malicious URLs, Malware Files, Malicious Domains, and Exploit/IP Observables. We consume cyber threat information from multiple sources, including State agencies, the federal government, and a variety of third-party providers. The NJCCIC’s dedicated correlation engine and proprietary detection rules reduces the burden of false positives for our customers.


***For access to NJCTIX, an organization must be a member of the NJCCIC. Upon approval you will be required to sign and return the 'Terms of Use' document. If you are not a member, you required sign up prior to submitting a request by going to

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