Our Mission


The New Jersey Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Cell (NJCCIC) is the State's one-stop shop for cybersecurity information sharing, threat analysis, and incident reporting.  A component organization within the New Jersey Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness (NJOHSP), the NJCCIC works to make the State of NJ more resilient to cyber attacks, to promote statewide awareness of local cyber threats and widespread adoption of best practices. Located at the Regional Operations Intelligence Center (ROIC), and acting in a cyber fusion center capacity, the NJCCIC is comprised of members from NJOHSP, the New Jersey Office of Information Technology (NJOIT), and the New Jersey State Police (NJSP).

Our Values

  • SERVICE. We put our State and its citizens first, and we put Mission before self. We take pride in being timely, agile, and relevant.

  • TEAMWORK. We stand with and behind each other. We recognize that partnerships, both internal and external, are critical to achieving success. We cannot fulfill our Mission alone.

  • EXCELLENCE. We take great pride in the quality of our work. We do every task, every project, every initiative, to the best of our ability.

  • DIVERSITY. We strive to build a workforce that is as diverse as New Jersey’s citizenry. We pride ourselves on encouraging diversity of thought, perspective, and problem solving.

Who We Are

Our Organization

Security Engineering & Cyber Operations Bureau

Responsible for managing all aspects of information security engineering and daily operations of the State’s enterprise cybersecurity systems that allow NJCCIC to detect and defend against cyberattacks targeting NJ State government networks.

Cyber Threat Intelligence & Analysis Bureau

Responsible for fusing technical and non-technical sources to analyze New Jersey’s local cyber threat landscape and reduce the State’s virtual vulnerabilities. In addition to cyber tips, alerts, and mitigation techniques, the Bureau produces critical infrastructure sector-specific threat assessments, provides threat briefings, and information security training sessions.

Governance, Risk and Compliance Bureau

Responsible for assessing and managing the cybersecurity risk posture of the Executive Branch of NJ State Government through the NJCCIC’s proactive risk management services including vulnerability scanning, penetration tests, risk assessments, and security audits. The Bureau is responsible for the development and maintenance of the State’s Information Security Policies and Standards that establish the required behaviors and controls intended to protect the State’s information technology resources, secure personal information, and safeguard the privacy of individuals.

Partnerships Bureau

Responsible for the NJCCIC’s outreach efforts by providing relevant and timely threat intelligence, alerts, and best practices to New Jersey's citizens, businesses, government and nonprofit organizations, and academic institutions via the NJCCIC’s web and social media properties. They coordinate and conduct cybersecurity trainings and briefings and provide all NJCCIC member services.

What We Do

Information Sharing

Cybersecurity is a collective responsibility and New Jersey's digital density demands close and constant collaboration across sectors and industries. The goal is to promote shared and real-time awareness of cyber threat for New Jersey's citizens, local governments, businesses, and critical infrastructure owners and operators.  The NJCCIC bridges the information divide between local, state, federal, public, and private sector institutions to reduce New Jersey's cyber risk and respond to emergent incidents.

Cyber Threat Analysis

The NJCCIC fuses technical and non-technical sources to analyze New Jersey's local cyber threat landscape and reduce the State's virtual vulnerabilities. In addition to cyber tips, alerts, and mitigation techniques, the NJCCIC produces sector-specific threat assessments. Our analysis correlates both historical and current data and reflects our collaborative relationship with local, state, federal, and industry partners.

Incident Reporting

We encourage our members and all New Jersey citizens and businesses to voluntarily report cyber incidents to the NJCCIC's Cyber Liaison Officers. Doing so will aid incident response and help us get ahead of the attacker's next move.